Managing stormwater and storing it

Spring is coming… winter is here and that means managing rainwater runoff.

With melting snow and rising water tables soaking bedrock, large amounts of water are discharged after melting snow and ice, which, along with higher winter rainfall, means our roads and building sites must handle this increased peak flow.

More urbanised areas have impermeable surfaces and overburdened sewer systems that lead to flooding, causing damage to surfaces and erosion as well as the more obvious inconvenience of surface water.

Runoff surface water becomes a challenge when urban areas seal surfaces and do not allow groundwater to recharge or infiltrate. Wetlands and infiltration ponds are used wherever possible to manage runoff water, but how do you prepare for this increased pressure on our drainage systems?

In order to measure, monitor, and manage storm overflow, our solutions can be your first line of defence at this time of year.

Bulk modular liquid storage tanks allow flexible solutions to manage storm overflow, and TERRATANK® have built the most innovative liquid storage solutions that adapt to users’ needs. By linking tanks together to expand capacity when you need wastewater treatment and additional stormwater management, the TERRATANK® range of tanks manages stormwater overflow with a flexible extension capability.

TERRATANK® hire liquid storage solutions that manage the unexpected and avoid surface water in urban areas that carry soil, pollutants, chemicals, and bacteria into surrounding streams, rivers and lakes and wetlands.

TERRATANK® offers a range of liquid storage tanks for industrial wastewater treatment, processing and bulk storage.

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