Mining & Extraction Hire

Treloar were approached by Cornish Lithium who needed to store geothermal brine as part of their lithium extraction trials. The salty solution rising 1000 metres from beneath the Cornish soil is a stinging 80 degrees Celsius, and with a significant corrosivity level, this demanded even more than our TT-70 TerraTank range with standard 2-pack epoxy lining.

The Treloar R&D department worked with the client to research and source a supplier for a superior tank coating product with the required resistance qualities.

Two TT-70 TerraTanks were prepared in our blasting and painting facility working in collaboration with the clients approved suppliers for the specialised paint coating application.

After thorough examination to the highest manufacturer approved standards, the tanks were delivered on schedule using our unique hooklift system. The customer was more than satisfied to find a company who had the facilities and resource to solve solve their unique liquid storage problem, helping them on their quest to find commercially viable lithium sources within the UK.


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